Slovenčina (Slovenská republika)
Solution for online transfer data about consumption
(gas, electricity, water flow, heat)

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BaWiTs as modular systems
BaWiT family devices was extended with modular option BaWiT devices.
                BaWiT M, C, F
  • battery/alternative external power supply
  • GSM(2G,3G)/CDMA/RF-868MHz
  • LAN,Ethernet
  • 3D-accelerometer
  • GPS receiver
  • operational temperature range
    -40°C to +75°C
  • SPL programing language
  • CEEx(Zóne 2)
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Extending board modules for BaWiTs
Was extended families of BaWiT boards.

  • option of modular extension
  • user modification on demand

More details on web pages for extension modules

BaWiT A/B - special housing
Mechanically/Chemically durable BaWiTs

                   BaWiT A/B

    • BaWiT A/B with battery power (up to 10 years battery lifetime)
    • operational temperature range
      -40°C to +75°C
    • resistance agains vibrations
    • usable in hard environment
    • SPL programming language
    • CEEx(Zóne 1)

More details on web pages for BaWiT systems.

SCT PLC-T1 Modules
New PLC modules was released.
       SCT PLC-T1, AIN8, GSM,...
  • module CPU - control unit
  • module GSM
  • module 4/8x analogy inputs
  • module 8x binary inputs
  • module 5x binary outputs
  • display module
  • module for connecting 3x PT100 sensors
  • module for connecting 8x PT1000 sensors
  • module of SWITCH RS232/RS485
  • module analog outputs voltage and current
  • module to control stepper motor
  • possible interconnection of PLC T1 systems with BaWiT systems

More details on web pages for SCT PLC T1 systems
Sensors for battery systems
New sensors was published with low voltage consumption
      BaWiT-SH4,ST4 a SM1
  • temperature sensor
  • humidity and temperature sensor
  • magnetic field sensor
  • sensors on long cable
  • sensors in-build in BaWiTs

More details on web pages for sensors of BaWiT-S type